Here at Family Practice of Chiropractic, we offer a variety of services to meet the specific needs of each and every practice member that comes through our door. Each of these services offered are designed to compliment one another to give you the optimum results your body requires, and the long-term benefits are extraordinary!

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Chiropractic involves specific and precise adjustments to the spine as well as others areas of the musculoskeletal system.

Exercise Rehabilitation
Exercise Rehab serves to strengthen the areas of your body that have become weak due to under-utilization or injury. Like massage therapy, exercise rehab compliments your chiropractic care.
Massage Therapy
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Massage therapy is the perfect compliment to your Chiropractic care. Involving precise muscle stimulation around problem areas.

Nutrition & Supplements
Proper nutrition is essential to your health. By supplementing your diet with natural whole food vitamins, you can feed your body the nutrients it needs to perform at optimum levels. 
Weight Management

Proper weight management is vital for our bodies to perform at optimum levels. It keeps our heart and mind healthy when we look and feel well. 

Laser Lipo
Our top of the line Zerona Z6 laser lipo machine can provide non-invasive slimming results with no pain and no down time. 
Detoxifying Ionic Footbath​

The Ionic Footbath system uses positive and negative ions in water to create a "vacuum-effect", pulling toxins out of the body through the pours in your feet.

Customized Yoga
Our certified yoga instructor creates personalized yoga programs based upon your body's individual needs.