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Our state of the art wellness center offers a beautiful yoga studio as well as the most advances state of the art SMART technology available.  All of the equipment links to your smart watch to track your heartrate and health date while you are working out. 

Fit3D- Take a 40 second body scan using this technology partnered with DEXA to determine your exact body measurements, basal metabolic rate, posture, health and risk assessment, and more. Compare measurements, health information, and 3-D body avatars to previous scans to see true change and progress.

Mirror- Take live classes or watch pre-recorded classes in a variety of categories from including barre, yoga, boxing, boot camp, dance, family fun, cardio + strength, and so much more. Mirror now also offers meditation. 

Peloton Tread+- This amazing slatted treadmill feels like no other. With its 32 inch touch screen, surround sound, and slatted tread, you can get the most out of your workout. See your name going up the leaderboard in one of the live classes, or join a pre-recorded class and take it slow.


Fight Camp- Track your punch rate, output, and punch count using the Fight Camp technology.  Compete with your friends in classes or on your own to see who can get the strongest workout. 


Peloton Bike+- Take strength classes, cardio classes, or bike classes using this one-of-a-kind machine. This bike also offers a variety of classes and includes a leaderboard to watch your position rise.  

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