Chiropractic Testimonials

"Wonderful and caring people. Great staff with great advice. More than just Chiropractic therapy. These people truly care about your well-being and want you to be and stay healthy."

- Charles S.

"This is the place to go if you have any kind of pain. If you are not in alignment, your body will tell you with some type of pain. Dr. Brannon is so good at what he does and takes a sincere interest in you and in finding out how best to help your condition. All staff is friendly and helpful! There is a massage therapist on site, and he is REALLY good! I love FPC!"

- Carol N.

"Dr. Brannon and staff are very professional in their care for their patient's needs. I have only been going there for 8 months. I gave him a 5-star review because I get five-star treatment. If someone asked me who I would recommend it would be him."

- Greg P.

"It's amazing how you feel like a new person when you get a much-needed adjustment! Very nice Staff! Highly recommend them."

- Melissa W.

"Great place! Definitely recommend! Friendly and knowledgeable staff always welcoming with smiling faces and very nice facility!!"

- Jackson G.

"My daughter recommended me to the Family Practice of Chiropractic and I have been very pleased with them. They are all very professional and courteous. I highly recommend them for all your chiropractic needs."

- Ronnie W.

"Fantastic facility with the experienced staff!!"

- Lisa S.S.

"Excellent chiropractors. Both doctors know their field and have helped me tremendously. I love that they offer massages along with the adjustments. Both procedures work together to produce excellent results! Thank you, Dr. Brannon and Dr. Henning."

- Cheryl B.B.


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Family Practice of Chiropractic

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