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Questions For New Patients: How Often Do I Really Need to Get Treated?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

"So I've heard, once you start Chiropractic, you can't stop" - Random Person

"I think Chiropractors just try to get your money by committing you to this long-term plan instead of just letting you come in when you feel like it." - Anonymous

Heard anyone say this before? If so, we're right with you, we have heard it too. Are those statements true? In short... No.

- Can you stop getting Chiropractic treatment any time you want? Yes

- Can you just make an appointment whenever you are hurting and not go so often? Yes


The real answer to these questions heavily rely on 1 thing...

What are your health goals?

Chasing Symptoms...

If you simply want to survive day-to-day and be reactionary with your health, the ideas above are in line with your goals. Unfortunately, simply seeking care out of a reaction to a symptom is sort of like breaking an arm and only taking a pain med without setting it back in place.

🤔Sure the pain is gone, but only temporarily.

🤔What about it healing? Sure, it will heal. But it definitely won't be healing properly, which could lead to permanent issues down the road.

That would only be a short-term solution to your overall health and wellness wouldn't it? Same thing with your spinal care. Sure you can take a pain pill and move on with your life, until the pain comes back and you need another. The caution here is that; many times when a problem develops in the spine, pain is unfortunately one of the last things a person experiences. That means, a problem can start and continue to develop without you knowing it; without any warning signs. Then when pain finally shows up, it's debilitating and incredibly intense. Ever bent down to pick something up, and "threw your back out"(or know someone that's done that)? The simple act of bending over was not what caused the issue. The issue had been developing for some time and the act of bending was just the "straw that broke the camel's back" so to speak.

Pain Care

When you get Chiropractic treatment, you'll find that pain is alleviated fairly quickly. So YES, Chiropractic treatment is very effective in the treatment of pain. And some do choose to end their treatments as soon as the pain is gone. However, a lot of patients we see every day typically have conditions that have been developing for months or even many years! Yes, a few adjustments can take care of the immediate concern (pain) but they simply cannot correct what is causing it. Not correcting the cause can put the patient at risk of re-injury or even make it worse than before. So what can be done to lower the risks of re-injury and treat the root causes of pain? This type of care is called "Corrective Care".

Corrective Care

As we've addressed, Chiropractic is extremely effective at pain management. Does that mean that the condition is cured? Almost always the answer is NO. Corrective care focuses on the cause of your pain or condition and correcting it, as opposed to just chasing the symptom(s) of the condition. The goal of corrective care is to adjust the spine back into proper alignment as well as rehabilitate and strengthen the connective tissue surrounding the problem areas so that re-injury is much less likely to occur. These treatments, usually given over a period of months, may be necessary to provide the care that is required to treat the root cause. In many cases, in order to reach these goals, higher frequency multiple appointments are recommended simply for one reason...


In most cases, we cannot put our life on hold. Our daily responsibilities to our family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, jobs 💻, recreation 🏌️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️, routines 🚗🚿, etc. don't just stop because we get injured (in most cases). We can make some strategic changes to the way we do things, but by-in-large we will continue to do the things that led to us hurting ourselves in the first place. So constant attention is needed until you're body is strong 💪 enough to handle it on it's own again.

So what are some things that you can do in conjunction with your Chiropractic care that can speed your recovery? We will address those in our next blog......

"5 Things You Need To Know, That Will Speed Up Your Recovery and Prevent Re-Injury".

Be Ready for Anything Life Throws at You...

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