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In the late 1920's, a conventionally-trained German physician, Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, M.D. (1905-1985), began researching and experimenting with homeopathic remedies. In his practice he observed that many human diseases seemed to be caused by exposure to toxins, both of external and internal nature. He termed this principle "Homotoxicology"; in other words, the study of toxins to humans.
Dr. Reckeweg founded the company in 1936 to produce his unique “combination” homeopathic medicines. He called the company Heel (an acronym of four Latin words: herba est ex luce or 'Plants come from light') Between 1936 and 1979, he developed over one thousand homeopathic combinations and Heel grew to become the world's leading producer and marketer of homeopathic combination products, with product distribution throughout the world.
As of August 2014 MediNatura has purchase the Heel Group's USA operations. According to the press release: MediNatura's line of over-the-counter (OTC) products will be available to distributors and retailers beginning January 1, 2015. The following retail brands will be reformulated: ClearLife™ (allergy), Reboost™ (cold/flu), WellMind™ (calming, focus) and BodyAnew™ Cleanse. All will be available in the same dosage forms and sizes as currently sold. 
The OTC Heel products Traumeel* and Zeel* will be phased out and replaced with T-Relief™ and T-Relief Arthritis™ from MediNatura. These products will be available in the same dosage forms and sizes as were Traumeel and Zeel, and will feature all-natural active ingredients. The BHI line of products will remain unchanged. 

"MediNatura is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high quality, FDA-regulated products, just as we did as Heel Inc.," said Scott Mitchell, MediNatura's vice president of operations and director of operations for Heel Inc. 
Today MediNatura is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of homeopathic products to health care practitioners throughout the U.S. MediNatura also manufactures and markets its BHI product line to health food retailers as well as health care practitioners in the U.S.
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